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Family Clip Smart

Creative Clip Art, Borders, Invitations, and Ideas for Special Occasions

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    • Fun Family Clip Smart
    • Created and Illustrated by Karen Finch
    • Includes Creative Clip Art, Borders, & Invitations
    • Creative ideas for kids

    Family Clip Smart: Family Clip Smart is full of cute and unique clip art for all you scrapbookers out there! Visuals for all the holidays, back to school, sporting events, vacations, births, scouting and the seasons will make those special pages in your memory books shine! These fun clip art pictures are designed for those people in a hurry that need a fun and creative touch to complete handouts, games, reminders, visuals for class, and special projects. By combining these illustrations, you can create the unique design you had in mind. Making your projects look exciting and polished has never been easier!

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