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Hand-Bound Scripture Leather Sample Sheet

Price: $10.00
    Ready to Ship: 1-3 Business Days
    • Designed to help you find your favorite color!
    • 2" square swatches of all our lambskin leather
    • Includes coupon for $25 off your scripture order!
    • Choose up to eleven different samples from our colors and patterns
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    Our hand-bound leather scriptures are made from silky smooth Italian lambskin leather. Finding the perfect color is an important part of the process and we've designed this sample sheet to help you find your favorite color. Each 8.5x11 sheet includes swatches of your chosen colors and patterns, as well as information about our embossing fonts. 

    Your sheet will also contain a code for a $10 credit for this sample sheet and an additional $15 off your scriptures.