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Handheld Flag Missionary Welcome Home Sign - Sister

Item #: LDP-MSPST334
Price: $15.99
    Ready to Ship: 5-7 Business Days
    Can be personalized
    • 24x36 inch poster on heavyweight paper
    • Personalize with your missionary's name, years served, flag of the country or state, and the mission name
    • Poster colors will match the flag you choose
    • Written in a Classic font
    • Also available in a Modern font
    Elder or Sister:

    Mission State or Country:

    Missionary's Last Name (ex. Sister Ingram): *
    Mission Name (as you'd like it printed): *
    Mission Start & End Date (ex. Sept 2011 - April 2013): *
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    Welcome home your LDS missionary in a personalized and special way with our handheld flag missionary posters. Each poster comes with your missionary's name, the years they served, the flag of the country or state they served in, and the name of the mission. The poster comes in a classic font, but is also available in a modern font.

    The colors of your poster will be based on the colors of the country or state flag you select.

    Your 24x36 poster comes as a coated matte finish print on 35lb heavyweight paper.