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Heavenly Father's Plan of Salvation Coloring Book

Item #: AKC-9781973189947
Price: $11.99
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    • Fun coloring book that highlights gospel principles
    • A great gift for children and teens
    • Created by an illustrator for "The Friend" magazine
    • Paperback, 108 pages

    Heavenly Father’s Plan of Salvation Coloring Book is a wonderful way to teach children about the Gospel. Adam Koford, an illustrator for The Friend Magazine, has created over 100 images to color. Each page has scriptures that you can use to teach the subject to your children or class while they color, or to answer questions. Makes a quick Family Home Evening lesson.

    Learn about the following:

    • The Premortal life and the Council in Heaven
    • Adam and Eve
    • Prophets of the Old Testament
    • Jesus Christ's ministry
    • Prophets and Revelation
    • The Apostasy
    • The Restoration of the Gospel and Joseph Smith's mission
    • The Book of Mormon
    • The Offices of the Priesthood and purposes of the Church
    • The Spirit World, the Resurrection, and the degrees of Glory