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Learn to pray every day and feel close to Heavenly Father no matter where you go. This adorable hardcover, paper-filled book is the perfect way to teach your little ones when, where, and how to pray. With colorful illustrations, rhyming text, and simple reminders of eternal truths, it’s bound to become a family favorite in your home.


Age range: 2 - 4 years

Grade level: Preschool and up

32 pages

8.1 x 0.3 x 10.1 inches

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Definitely buy this book!

By Chelsea Johnson on 11/18/2015
This is my favorite book about prayer! It is the sweetest book, it has beautiful pictures, and it talks about all the different times we can pray. I have loved reading it to my two toddlers, even my 14-month-old. It’s never to early to start teaching your children!

The book talks about all the different times you can pray, and things you can say in your prayers. It’s perfect for kids learning how to pray, and it’s perfect for kids who have been praying for years, too. The pictures are simple, but they fit the story perfectly. The book teaches a powerful lesson about prayer.

"I Can Pray Every Day” goes through praying in the morning and evenings, with your family, to help people, to do hard things, and praying wherever you are (even the pool!). The simple rhyme also talks about blessing your food, saying thanks for things, and asking for forgiveness. It covers so many different things that you can pray about, and it’s a great way to spark a discussion about prayer with your kids, no matter how young they are.

The book ends by talking about how Heavenly Father hears our prayers and how he cares for us. I love the sweet spirit we feel when we read this book together, and I know that it is helping teach my children how, why, and where we pray.

(Thanks to Cedar Fort Publishing for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.)