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Idaho Falls Idaho Temple - Sketch

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    The Idaho Falls Idaho Temple is one of a series of detailed pencil drawings and paintings created by artist Chad S. Hawkins. In 1989, at the age of seventeen, Chad started this unique temple series, becoming the original LDS artist to involve hidden spiritual images in his artwork. Before drawing each temple, Chad researches its history, construction, and beautiful surroundings. He then returns to his studio to draw the temple by referring to his notes, sketches, and photographs.

    We must be baptized for the remission of sins, to show obedience and to become members of the Church of Jesus Christ. In our day, baptisms for the dead can be performed only in temples. As with all of my temple works of art, comments the artist, I include, in addition to the temple, appropriate hidden spiritual images within each drawing. With the Idaho Falls Temple, my goal was to encourage both the adults and the youth to participate in sacred baptismal ordinances. To accomplish this, I drew five oxen beneath the temple among the river scene. The hidden image is placed beneath the temple because baptismal fonts are located in the lower portions of the temples. The oxen are in the flowing water, representing the washing away of sin.

    This comes in a 11x14 or a 16x20 print.