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Item #: RM-RLKC
Price: $2.95
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Product Description:

This keychain features an Iron Rod with the words "Hold To The Rod" engraved into it. Perfect for Youth, Missionaries, and any member who wants a wonderful reminder of the Gospel.

Product Reviews

Overall Customer Rating of 10 Reviews:

Hold to the rod keychain ROCKS!!!!

I have had one of these key chains for years and I love it! I have given them to my kids and have recently purchased them to give out to my addiction recovery group and a dear friend who likes to have something tangible to remind them of Heavenly Father! I was so happy to see they are still available and a solid cool "iron rod" No other reviewer mr. Nerd it isn't really iron but I don't care. It's awesome!

Iron Rod contains no Iron

This item, although a cool concept and I love having received it as a gift, does not contain any Iron as it is not magnetic. Stainless Steel would not tarnish, and would contain actual Iron, but this is not it. Hold to the Alloy Rod doesn't have the same ring to it to me, don't think any songs will be written about it...


My seminary teacher gave me one of these several years back. I bought three: gave one to my husband, a dear sister that has recently returned to Church, and gave one to a new friend on her baptism day. Just bought a few more to have on hand.

Love them, especially as goodbye presents for missionaries from our area that are returning home.


I purchased three of these so my wife, son, and I would each have one.
I'd had one when younger and lost it somewhere along my life, so I knew I wanted to get this as soon as ai saw it.


The key helps me remember to hold on to the iron Ron and gives me comfort.