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Item #: LDS-QUADLRG-SIM-2013
UPC / ISBN: 852667627409

Product Description

This quadruple combination includes the 2013 edition of the LDS King James Version Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price bound in one book. It contains cross-references to all the standard works, the Topical Guide, the Bible Dictionary, an index to the triple combination, two sections of maps and pictures, and footnote references to the Joseph Smith Translation. This quadruple combination is made with a simulated leather cover (reconstituted leather fibers), lightweight acid-free paper, gilded page edges and ribbon markers. Size is approximately  6½ x 9½.

This size is only available in black. 

Product Reviews

Overall Customer Rating of 8 Reviews:

Large print scriptures

By Dani on 10/4/2020
It's a really nice set. I love the tabs. They help a lot in finding where to look.

Lg Print Quad

By L Johnson on 3/9/2020
Very pleased with my purchase.

A Gift For Hope

By Rosey Blanks on 7/22/2019
There's an amazing and beautiful woman in my church family named Sister Hope Longfellow. She has LOVED and held onto her scriptures since she was 17 years old. Tomorrow, she turns 73!!! When her eyesight began failing her, she bought a Quad on tape so it could be easier for her to follow along with the recorded voice. I just love her so much! I'm a fat kid and I love to feed everyone I can! When I saw how delightfully DELICIOUS (Alma 32:28) the scriptures were to Sister Longfellow's soul, I just couldn't resist getting this gift for her! We gave her this large print Quad yesterday at church and she has already started marking it up! We love you Hope! And we love the LDS Bookstore! Thank you for making this moment possible!

By Victor Contreras on 7/2/2018
We really like the product. Like the server of the deliver.

Engraved Quad

By Sammi on 6/23/2018
We ordered this large quad for our wedding as part of a highlight your favorite scriptures table. The engraving is beautiful and we love it!

Quad Bible

By JoH on 2/29/2016
I bought one last year for my husband and he really likes it because of the large print. I can still see regular print but was wanting a quad Bible so I decided to buy a quad Bible with large print just in case I need it in the future. :) Oh by the way, I do like the quad Bible and it's a lot easier to read.