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Let's Talk About Faith and Intellect

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    • Small, approachable books on important Latter-day Saint topics
    • Learn all about faith and intellect from Terryl Givens
    • Paperback, 4.25" x 7"

    In Let's Talk about Faith and Intellect, Terryl Givens, who has written broadly to both academic and general audiences, examines the sometimes-tense relationship between these seeming opposites, arguing that intellect and faith work hand-in-hand to draw us closer to Christ and His gospel. Faith is not just a hopeful leap into the dark or wishful thinking against the grain of evidence. A thoughtful, reflective faith considers the findings of science, the lessons of history, the insights of philosophy, and the best reasonings of our intellect. Then it adds to those an openness to other faculties and agencies, a receptivity to the Spirit and intimations of the heart, and trust in the moral intuitions of the soul. This refreshing, faithful analysis from a trusted scholar will lead readers to appreciate the ways faith and intellect work together to strengthen our spirits and bring us closer to God.

    Let's Talk about Faith and Intellect is part of the Let's Talk About series—small, approachable books on important Latter-day Saint topics, written by trusted, faithful scholars who can thoroughly explain crucial issues in a digestible way. For people who have sincere questions and are seeking answers, this series provides access to some of the best thinking in the Church.

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