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Ming's Christmas Wishes

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    • Celebrate "Ming's Christmas Wishes"
    • Written by Susan L. Gong and Illustrated by Masahiro Tateishi
    • Hardcover, 48 Pages, 11" x 8.5" inches
    • Wonderful Christmas Children's Book

    Ming wishes for three things at Christmas. First, to sing in the school Christmas choir. Second, to have a Christmas tree like the one in the department store window. And third, to feel she belongs somewhere.

    As a daughter of immigrants in 1930s California, Ming is often treated differently than other children at school. She's pointedly not invited to sing in the Christmas choir. At home, when Ming lobbies her parents for a Christmas tree, her mother scolds her for trying to be American. Ming doesn't seem to fit in anywhere: she's not quite American enough at school, not quite Chinese enough at home.

    Seeing his daughter's unhappiness, Pop takes her into the mountains to visit a wise old friend. Always happy for an adventure with her kind father, Ming hopes to persuade Pop to bring home a mountain pine to be their Christmas tree. But he has something else in mind, something that will help Ming draw strength from nature, from their Chinese heritage, and from deep and enduring family ties.

    Inspired by family stories.