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    In his decades as a teacher and an Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland has often shared remarkable insights gleaned from his study of the New Testament. Our Day Star Rising compiles these insights: those about the history and context of the New Testament as well as teachings from the New Testament, wherein he uses its verses to cast new light on various doctrinal themes. Among the many names of Christ is the Day Star—the sun—that "shineth in a dark place until the day...

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      Why did Jesus teach in parables? Because some will have eyes to see and ears to hear, and others will not (see Matthew 13:10-17). That was clearly the case in His day, so how well do we really understand His many parables today? In The Parable of Jesus, Elder Gerald N. Lund shares not only the ancient context and setting in which each parable was taught, but also illuminates the language and layers found within the parables, helping us see the application for our own lives today. As we seek...

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        Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee is a beautiful collection of selected passages from the New Testament with insightful commentary by two respected gospel scholars and teachers. Now beloved for over a decade, the teachings in this book are as timely and thoughtful as ever for your personal New Testament study. Authors Lloyd D. Newell and Robert L. Millet serve as guides on a scriptural tour from Matthew through Revelation. A verse of scripture is presented for each day of the year along with...

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          I am a beloved daughter of heavenly parents, with a divine nature and eternal destiny. The theme of the Young Women organization contains uplifting, empowering words—but do we believe them? This beautifully illustrated booklet gives new context to a familiar theme, helping us see the truths in these words and internalize them. Whether you are entering Young Women for the first time, are an adult serving with the youth of the Church, or are a parent or young woman wanting to more deeply...

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            The separation of death is hard for everyone—but especially for children who have never experienced it before. This beautiful and empathetic new book helps children who have lost a loved one process their emotions, recognize their loss, and understand Christ's role in overcoming death and in physical and emotional healing.

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              Many would consider Paul to be the greatest missionary of all time, but it is what he taught, in both his sermons and his epistles, that is truly priceless. And yet, many Latter-day Saints find Paul's writings difficult to fully understand. Becoming New focuses on distinctive doctrinal truths found in Paul's teachings, including insights from the Prophet Joseph Smith and other modern-day prophets. Robert L. Millet has shared Paul's teachings for more than forty years and advocates that Paul...

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                Bonnie's family has a special guest over for dinner—an Apostle of the Lord! When Bonnie is asked to go feed the chickens, she doesn't want to, but Elder Perry volunteers to go with her. On the trip to do a normal, everyday chore under extraordinary circumstances, Bonnie learns a valuable lesson about light, hope, and the power of example. In this beautifully illustrated children's book, Sister Bonnie Cordon shares a personal experience and her testimony of the difference a focused, Christlike...

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