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This is the standard curriculum for all mission presidents, full-time missionaries, and ward missionaries. It may also be used by leaders and members in stakes and wards. It describes the principles of effective missionary work and the doctrines that missionaries are to study and teach. This book includes the lessons that are taught before and after baptism. New members should be retaught the first four lessons and should also be taught the fifth lesson. Full-time missionaries, ward missionaries, home teachers, and visiting teachers may work together to teach these lessons.

Product Reviews

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Not For Old Weak Eyes

By Sister Witters on 4/6/2021
As a Sr. Missionary Couple we thought this item would be great, but the print is too small. We will stick with our original big book.

Preach my Gospel- Mini

By Danielle Phillips on 5/5/2020
I love this edition of preach my gospel! I am preparing to serve a mission and this will be the best addition to my packing list!

Preach My Gospel Mini

By dawinstead on 1/15/2020
It is a convenient size to take with you wherever you are going. It has all the information necessary to answer basic gospel questions.

Preach My Gospel

By Barbara on 8/20/2019
The mini book above is way too small PRINT for an age 80 reader!!! I am sure that this is necessary in order to make it smaller than the large book which is great!!!! My problem...not yours!!! haha!! The large book is too large to carry every Sunday in my Sunday carrying case....

Preach My Gospel, Mini

By Fran on 4/4/2018
great to have this wonderful book in a compact mini form@

Preach My Gospel - Mini...

By Duffy Le B on 4/2/2018
Small Preach My Gospel book is so handy...