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Preach My Gospel Pocket Card

Item #: LDP-CRD227
Price: $2.99




    Ready to Ship: 1-3 Business Days
    • Designed just for Latter-day Saint missionaries!
    • Features the essentials from Preach My Gospel
    • Includes scripture references for all 40 lesson sections
    • Folds into business card size to fit in a wallet or pocket

    Our exclusive Preach My Gospel Pocket Card was designed just for Latter-day Saint missionaries. No matter where you are in the mission field, this little card contains all of the essential information you need to remember your purpose, invite others to baptism, teach from the lessons, and answer commonly asked questions.

    On the Preach My Gospel Pocket Card, you will find information on:

    • Your purpose as a missionary
    • How to invite someone to be baptized
    • How to help others make & keep commitments
    • Scripture references for all 40 sections of all 5 PMG lessons
    • The 15 "Questions of the Soul" answered by the Book of Mormon
    • 9 frequently asked questions with scripture references

    This pocket card is printed on heavy duty paper and folds into a business card size, making it easy to fit into a wallet or pocket.