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Fall 2016 Scholarship Contestants!

Every year, is proud to help LDS students pursue their educational goals. Members of the team have read and reviewed every single applicant and we couldn't be more excited for our eight finalists for 2016. All are excellent students, leaders in their community, and faithful members of the Church.

Dear contestants and voters,

Voting has ented.
2015 Scholarship Winner - Meile Rosenlund

I am the oldest of five kids. I enjoy singing and performing. Participating in music was the best part of my high school career. I also enjoy reading books and watching movies. My favorites include Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and The Hiding Place. I absolutely love going on family road trips! Road trips began as a necessity because we live far from extended family, but now they are a tradition. My parents decided they wanted each of their kids to have been in all 48 continental United States before attending college. Just three weeks ago, I finished my list of 48 with Wisconsin, Minnesota, and North Dakota. We have seen great cities and natural wonders and learned what a blessing this beautiful, diverse country is. I plan on serving a full-time mission, pursuing a master's degree in Public Health, and someday having an eternal family of my own.