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Hand-Bound Genuine Leather Quad - Cherry Red (5.00/5 stars from 6 reviews)

Crafted by hand and with an abundance of love and care, this hand-bound leather quad is a beautiful way to treasure up the word of God. Each one is made from the standard quadruple combination...

Beautiful scriptures!

Our son loves his new scriptures! The only thing about these is that one page wasn't totally trimmed as the other pages, but our son trimmed it.

Hand Bound Quad

It was so hard to choose the color I wanted for my new scriptures! I finally settled on the cherry red and I couldn’t be happier! Very well made and sturdy, should last me the rest of my days! Hah!

Hard Bound Leather Quad

Excellent workmanship! My grandson loves it, as I bought it for him as a birthday gift!

Love the feel

Super grateful with how these turned out. The color is vibrant and the feel is fantastic. Production time was a little slow, but shipping was quick, and overall the order was filled in a timely manner.

This was a special treat for me!

I have had my old quad for many years, but as part of a new beginning in a new year I decided to treat myself to a brand new quad which is a lovely red with colored ribbon markers. It is GORGEOUS! I look forward to many years if not all of my years using this well made scripture.

Well put together. Sharp colors

These scriptures fulfill every quality expectation! The book and cover are bound to perfection, and we are very pleased with the brilliant colors of the cover and place marking ribbons. The embossed lettering looks great as well!