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I Am He Who Liveth Easter Coloring Page - Printable (4.89/5 stars from 9 reviews)

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ saves us all from death! He lives and because of it we will live again too. This beautiful free Easter coloring page depicts the Risen Lord on that glorious...

Beautiful Picture

Great way to celebrate Easter and for young ones (and old) to color!

coloring page of the Risen Christ

i like this page cuz it isn't too complicated for me, with too many small details. i have a slight tremor in my hands and the tiny bits are impossible to do accurately.

I Am Your Advocate Colouring Page

I look forward to these resources every week. They are so appreciated by our Primary children. Thank you very much.
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I Am Your Advocate Easter Coloring Page


Love it five stars!

I love the coloring pages, i used it for easter activities in my home and they were a hit. It helped us make the kids understand and not forget the reason for easter

Second Coming of Christ

Beautiful! Thanks!

Second Coming of Christ

Beautiful Thanks!

The Saviour

Excellent illustration and was able to share with the missionaries instructing me prior to my upcoming baptism.

These Printables are AWESOME!

I have used the Printable Pages and have LOVED them SO much! I check to see the offered pages often & am ALWAYS super impressed with the quality, beauty and messages for children. I have a Primary calling & I also have (29 & counting...!) Grandchildren! So that is why I am always looking for these pages! I have supported the sweet family's business often. Thank-you for providing this excellent resource. Such a talented family!