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Large Hand-Bound Genuine Leather Triple - Lavender (5.00/5 stars from 1 reviews)

Crafted by hand and with an abundance of love and care, this hand-bound large leather triple is a beautiful way to treasure up the word of God. Each one is made from the large triple combination...

Absolutely Lovely Lavender Triple Scriptures!!!

I ordered a personalized (with my name on the cover!) leather Lavender (my favorite color!) Triple Combination from LDS Bookstore, and it is a beautiful book of scripture!

I’ll admit that I haven’t been brave enough to mark my favorite scripture verses in it, yet! But I purchased the “new” (to me) highlighter pens (but I have always used colored pencils in the past, before digital scriptures)!

I just wanted to have a large set of PAPER scriptures to bring to church, as well as for special moments, at home, when pondering…

These scriptures were worth EVERY DOLLAR AND PENNY, saving up time, beforehand, included!

Thank you, LDS Bookstore, for your expertise, and the joy in preparing my order for me (I think the card said the order was prepared by Ellie)!!!

You did a beautiful job for me!!!