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Regular Quad Rebinding Service - Various Colors (5.00/5 stars from 2 reviews)

Do you have a beloved set of scriptures that need a little love and care? We're dedicated to helping preserve your scriptures for years to come. We re-bind your scriptures to not only look...


My old scriptures were in need of replacement. The binding was in bad shape & I knew they wouldn't withstand much more use. I looked at purchasing new scriptures. But, was undecided because I would loose ALL my scripture markings, notes, dates, etc. Then I saw the ad for sending in old scriptures for re-binding. How exciting! I purchased the service/cover I wanted & waited for a mailing label to be sent to me. Once I received that, it was only a matter of boxing & mailing them in. I waited expectantly for my 'new' scriptures to arrive. They are beautiful! I was in tears when I saw how wonderful they looked. And, all my beloved markings & notes were intact. I ordered mine in lavender (my mother's favorite color, to honor her ). The leather cover is super good quality (better than the old one) & such a beautiful color. I also had mine engraved just in case of loss. My scriptures were actually featured on a "Before & After" photo in the March 8, 2022 flyer for the LDS Bookstore, so you can see for yourself the wonderful work the book-binding crew does. They even noticed personal notes on the interior covers that could not be preserved & returned those to me with my new scriptures & a personal note. How great is that?! Although the cost is almost as much as brand-new scriptures, it was well worth it to have my markings & notes preserved & ready for my use. It's like having an old friend arrive at your door wearing a brand-new coat! I can't say enough good things about this new service. Please feel free to look at that March 8 flyer, or use my name, Julia Kellogg Williams, for reference. You people are fantastic! And thank you again for doing a wonderful job & providing such a great service for people. With gratitude, Julia Kellogg Williams.

Lavender scriptures

I was given a quad scripture when I was 8 years old. I have spent many years in that book and did not appreciate how special that gift was. I also didn’t care for the color green so I sent in my scriptures and got it rebound Lavender and I absolutely LOVE them!!!! I only wish I would have gotten them buttoned. Thank u LDS bookstore