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Regular Quad Rebinding Service - Various Colors

Send in your own scriptures for rebinding.

Price: $149.99
    Ready to Ship: 2-3 Weeks After Received
    Handmade Item
    Can be personalized
    • Send in your beloved scriptures and we'll re-bind them with beautiful new covers and ribbons - instructions
    • Crafted by hand from Italian sheepskin leather
    • Choose a solid color or pattern cover - 50+ options!
    • Includes two ribbons in the color of your choice
    • A beautiful gift for treasuring up the word of God
    • Order our leather sample sheet
    • Please Note: Rebinding does NOT include repairing page gilding and damaged tabs
    Shipping To Us:
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    Leather Color:
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    Ribbon 2:

    Ribbon 3:

    Ribbon 4:

    Ribbon 5:

    Ribbon 6:

    Button Snap: What it will look like
    Add a gold magentic button snap to the front cover.

    Christus Spine Personalization: What it will look like
    Add a gold embossed Christus statue to the spine of your scriptures.

    Protective Coating:
    Your cover is treated with a stain & water resistant coating. It will not affect the texture or color of your cover.

    Add custom text this item. (NO forward/back slashes, colons, semi-colons, exclamation points, quotation marks, smiley faces, or other symbols)

    Note: Personalized items cannot be exchanged or returned and may delay delivery.
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    Do you have a beloved set of scriptures that need a little love and care? We're dedicated to helping preserve your scriptures for years to come. We re-bind your scriptures to not only look beautiful, but stay sturdy and strong for continued use. Choose between any of our solid color or pattern covers.

    Our covers are made from high-quality sheepskin leather for a luxurious and soft feel. Your set will include two satin ribbons in the color of your choice; add up to five ribbons for a small fee. 

    Please Note: By purchasing this product, you agree to all risks with the binding process. Rebinding does not include repairing page gilding and damaged tabs.