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Large Bible Rebinding Service - Various Colors

Send in your own scriptures for rebinding.

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Price: $159.99
    Ready to Ship: 2-3 Weeks After Received
    Handmade Item
    Can be personalized
    • Send in your beloved scriptures and we'll re-bind them with beautiful new covers and ribbons - instructions.
    • Crafted by hand from Italian sheepskin leather
    • 40+ color options
    • Includes two ribbons in the color of your choice
    • A beautiful gift for treasuring up the word of God
    • Order our leather sample sheet
    • Please Note: Rebinding does NOT include repairing page gilding, spines, pages, or damaged tabs
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    Your cover is treated with a stain & water resistant coating. It will not affect the texture or color of your cover.

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    Do you have a beloved set of scriptures that need a little love and care? We're dedicated to helping preserve your scriptures for years to come. We re-bind your scriptures to not only look beautiful, but stay sturdy and strong for continued use. 

    Our covers are made from high-quality sheepskin leather for a luxurious and soft feel. Your set will include two satin ribbons in the color of your choice; add up to four ribbons for a small fee. 

    Please Note: By purchasing this product, you agree to all risks with the binding process. Rebinding does not include repairing page gilding, spines, pages, or damaged tabs.