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19" Marble Christus Statue (5.00/5 stars from 24 reviews)

This beautiful solid cultured marble Christus statue truly brings the spirit of Christ into any home and is available in 3-inch,  6-inch, 10-inch and 19-inch models. The original Christus...

Absolutely beautiful

We are so excited to have the Christus Statue in our home. It arrived in perfect condition.

We have had compliments and let them know where we got it from.

19 inch Marble Christus Statue

I cannot explain the overwhelming emotions I felt when I first viewed the eleven foot tall Christus Statue in Salt Lake City. A couple of years ago I bought the 19 inch marble version for our home. I still spend many moments daily looking at it. Recently, we purchased the same 19 inch statue for a close friend on her birthday. She is not a member of the LDS Church, but is a faithful Christian. She was also very overwhelmed by the beauty, detail, and spiritual presence. It was very well packed with no shipping damage. I would purchase again from LDS Bookstore and recommend them to others.

19' Marble Christus Statue

This is a beautiful statue. I purchase one for each of my children when they get married. It's a gift that is a reminder that they need to keep Christ in their lives.

19" Marble Christus

Beautiful statue for sure. Just what I had hope it would be. The delivery and packaging was exceptional with no delays. Thank you to all who processed my wonderful piece of statuary!



19" Marble Christus Statue

The item came the same day I was notified it was shipped. It had the look, feel, and touch of a well-made piece of artwork. Great details, excellent replica, and well worth the price. Definitely one of the best purchases I have ever made!

awesome statue

It is an exact replica and, although made in China, seems to be of perfect quality.

Beautiful Statue of Jesus Christ

The Christus statue was fantastic, but I was a little worried when I opened it and it seemed that the weight of it was more than the styrofoam could handle. The styrofoam was crushed into very small pieces. The statue itself though was unharmed, which I am really grateful for.

Christ Statue

Beautiful statue. A great reminder of the Savior and how much I love and

appreciate him.