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Blue Mini CTR Ring (4.80/5 stars from 5 reviews)

Our Mini CTR Ring, available in multiple colors, is the smallest in our classic series. The shield is 7mm high and the ring itself is 2 mm thick. Made from a sterling silver, it will be a lasting...

the ring is beautiful and I'm so happy I could get a size small enough for my 6 year old granddaughter

CTR size

I ordered the size i normally where and according to the size cart its still too big. I will order another one at some point when my funds get better. Other that the size too big i live the quality of the ring and appearance its beautiful

Love it!

This is my first ever CTR ring and I LOVE it! It is nice and sturdy and I don’t worry about it breaking at all, and after weeks of wearing during everything. It also just generally feels like a quality metal. Absolutely love it! Highly recommend to everyone!

Sized too big but otherwise cute

We used the online ring sizer, printed it out and even went a big smaller than what the sizer said. After all that, the ring is still too big. Rather than return it, I bought a plastic ring sizer thing at Walmart, figuring that would fix the issue sooner rather than have to wait by sending it back and having another one sent back. I read somewhere else that the same thing was another person's complaint. I'm not sure how to fix that, but we did follow the exact directions on website (even printing the sizer ruler) to determine the size. Other than the size issue, this is cute, exactly as pictured and my daughter really loves it.

Well made ring.

Very well made, I like the thin sizing, comfortable to wear all day.