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Black Aluminum Oil Vial (4.50/5 stars from 12 reviews)

Now you never have to be caught unprepared. You can be ready with our latest line of attractive vials for your consecrated oil .So you will always be ready to administer in a time of need with this...

black aluminum oil vial

I love this product. Very durable and the glass vial inside was a great idea.

no leaks. I liked mine so much I purchased several more and handed them out in elders quorum.

Black Aluminum Oil Vial

I ordered this for my husband and had his name printed on it as a surprise and he was real pleased with it.

Black aluminum oil vile

It is light and easy to carry, I don't even notice it on my key chain.


The Vial has two different compartments. You have to remove the top off of the Black on to get to a real small vial for the oil.Very hard to use when giving a Blessing. Also very hard to fill.

I would never buy another one.


Darrell Zike

These oil vials are pretty much leak proof.Great for emergencies!

Darrell Zike

These oil vials are pretty much leak proof.Great for emergencies!

Good product

It is cool that this has a separate vial inside of the outer container, that way you don't have to bring the entire keychain (or lend it to someone else) when you are using it.

great little vial

This is a great product, the only thing I wasn't expecting is a little glass vial inside of the metal container, the one we had before just had the oil directly in the metal vial.

great product

The vials are very sturdy as

To not break in the pocket even for active and physical work. It is good to have your oil at all times, you never know when you may be asked to give a blessing.

Husband loves it

This is a nice vial that is light and durable. When we had the missionaries over for dinner and found out that both of their vials were either broken or lost I decided I would buy them one.