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Pink Mini CTR Ring (4.72/5 stars from 18 reviews)

Our Mini CTR Ring, available in multiple colors, is the smallest in our classic series. The shield is 7mm high and the ring itself is 2 mm thick. Made from a sterling silver, it will be a lasting...

Cute ring for a little girl

I really like this ring. I had it for three years, and it is still in mint condition. I would recommend it to and who want a nice and stylish ctr ring.

Exactly what I wanted!

Amazing service

This product is beautiful and I am excited to get mine! Unfortunately this ring was on back order when I ordered it. I was contacted and was told that this was the issue. I asked if I could get the same ring just with a blue background. I received an email the same day telling me that it was not a problem to get the blue ring. It was so wonderful that they were able to do this for me! I can't wait to get my ring in the mail!


We got this for our 8 year old for her baptism, and wow it’s pretty, great material, now all my girls want one. Eill be buying more for sure.


Gave my daughter this ring for her baptism and she just loved it!!

Beautiful ring

We got this beautiful pink CTR ring for my daughter’s baptism in sizes 3.5 fits perfect. She loved it!

CTR Ring

I wore a ring exactly like this for over 20 years and the band finally broke. This one is perfect. Unfortunately, I bought a size too large and lost it during the first few days but I will reorder!

CTR Ring

Gift for ggdaughter. This was the highlight of the night. She was all smiles.

Cute ring

I bought this ring as a gift for my 6yr old. I got the size 4.5 after using dental floss to measure her finger while she slept. I didn’t do a great job of measuring (my fault), so it fits a little loosely on her thumb, but she’ll grow into it. The ring itself is very pretty!