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Joseph Smith and Modern Astronomy (4.60/5 stars from 5 reviews)

It has taken over 3,500 years for modern science to catch up with what Abraham and Moses learned so long ago. Their words, as revealed by Joseph Smith, may yet contain many other hidden wonders that...

Exceptional Book, Easy to Understand

I ordered this book to help my 6-year-old understand space and time in a gospel context and I was not disappointed. It was clear and concise. The author does a tremendous job of explaining how religion and science can co-exist. It was both inspiring and educational, which is a true rarity. I'd highly recommend it to anyone who wants a better understand God, His Nature and how science fits in.

Incredible Title

I literally cant believe this exists. What a testimony builder. Richard has a profound understanding of the gospel and how it works in parallel with science.

A must read.

Joseph Smith and modern Astronomy

Although the subject is interesting and may explain the material, I found the writing to be for very low grade levels and tended to be too simplistic, considering the depth this subject requires. The author lumps much of the detail into broad theories with little scripture confirmation. The credentials of the author lead me to feel the little treatise this is, may not his best work. I would have preferred a 400 page detailed volume with firm, reasonable, arguments instead of 54 page booklet with few actual references of value and many foggy details

Joseph Smith and Modern Astronomy

My husband said he really enjoyed reading this book.

Superbly and clearly written

I appreciated that this book was comprehensible and I didn't need a PhD in astrophysics to understand it. The examples and metaphors for complex theories were extremely clear and the message was truly inspiring. This book is a true jewel for those seekers of truth in science and religion.