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Adjustable Camouflage CTR Ring (4.85/5 stars from 13 reviews)

Adjustable CTR Ring is perfect for a child’s first CTR Ring, and it won’t turn their skin green!

He loved his ctr ring.. Thanks

My son has to show it off to everyone

The Primary boys thought the ring was cool.

The rings are great!

adjustable camoufladge ctr rings

I ordered four and when they came, I was very happy. They are so cute and my young grandboys will enjoy having the ctr rings as their gift.


Childs CTR Ring

Hope my primary kids will love it.


I have always wore a CTR ring. I gave my daughter one on her 12th Birthday and I cot this Amazing camouflage Adjustable ring for sons birthday which is tomorrow March 17th. He turns 8 years old. I’d like to buy another just in case!

CTR Camo Ring

Love it!! Gift for my soon to be 8 year old grandson for his birthday and baptism day!

Ctr camo ring

My boys loved there camo ctr rings. They are awesome!

CTR Camo ring

Bought for my nursery kids, but once my 17 year old saw it...he wanted one, too, not just for the little ones!