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Extra Large Softcover Triple (4.63/5 stars from 46 reviews)

The triple combination includes the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price bound in one book. It contains cross-references to all the standard works, including the...

Book of Mormon

I found the book to be quite wonderful. It’s size and size of the printed word made it very easy to participate in the “Come, Follow Me” series.

ecomnoy llarge print

I have bad vision and this print is perfect I put my ouwn cover with catdboard and paper bag

to firm up cover for holding so now I really enjoy studying it.

Economy triple

Great easy reading; plenty of space for notes; great price


My 2 sweet missionaries brought me this book; I love the extra size as I am an artist and will doodle in it. It is a full 8.5x11!

Extra Large Economy Triple Combination

Though you've changed the name of the product, it is still a great item. Easy to read.

Extra large print triple combination

It’s great! My husband can read it.

Extra large print triplet

Love the large print. So easy to focus on!

Extra large triple softcover

Due to the current situation, my order was delayed however the bookstore kept me up to date until my order arrived. I am thrilled that I have all three books in extra large for easier reading for my old eyes.

Good ‘n Large

Great size and price, but it didn’t arrive for weeks!


It is so much easier to read and alot less strain on my eyes!