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Extra Large Softcover Triple (4.63/5 stars from 46 reviews)

The triple combination includes the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price bound in one book. It contains cross-references to all the standard works, including the...

Large font triple combination The Book Of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and The Pearl of Great Price.

Thanks so much, I was very glad to get the large font triple combo The Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and The Pearl of Great Price. There is a Holy Bible in my room with a large font that I have covered with the trip, my Grandad Thomas Lee McDowell Sr's mother Lula Mae Howell gave to my grandmom Alice Marilyn McDowell his wife who in turn keeps it in the bedroom that I use. She has no interest in reading it but thinks its nice. Please pray to God for us. Thanks a lot. Thomas Lee McDowell lll Dyersburg Branch Memphis, Tn Stake.

Large Print

This is a large print Book of Mormon....I love it! It is easy to read and journal. Thanks

Large Print Bible

My eyes have gotten so bad I have trouble with small print and I have been having trouble finding Large Print Scriptures. Thank you for carrying it.

Large Print Book of Mormon

I love this LARGE PRINT BOOK OF MORMON it makes studying this year's Come Follow Me much easier!!! I also have a Quad set however I like that I can underline in red the scriptures that are important and I love the references and footnotes. The large print also is designed to match the regular size Book of Mormon. Which is nice and helpful in the study group that our Bishop in my ward has set up for women like me who didn't have any one to study with. I asked my Bishop for help with empty nesters like myself for a small group of people who I can study with and help me with understanding. And this large print book is another study aid.

Large print triple comination

I purchased this for my husband's baptism. He has always complained he has a hard time reading the small print in my scriptures. We are old school and love the feel of books. He was really excited and impressed with the easy to read size. This book is not for travel - it is very large and heavy and flimsy. It is perfect for home study. The price was so affordable, even with the extra cost of personalization.


The book was in large print - I only wanted just the Book of Mormon, but was unable to get it alone so I purchased as a triple book. Book is great

Grand Junction, CO

Need other sizes

I actually had to cancel the order. I have the Scriptures on my tablet, but I wanted something in print as well to use. But the extra large print was too big and the compact view is too hard on my aging eyes. I was disappointed to find that you did not offer the regular print in the economy version.

Admin Note: We do carry regular size economy scriptures.

Nice size print.

This book is great. Easy to read for older eyes.



The books we ordered are well made, delivered in a timely manner and were in good condition during shipment

Queen Creek AZ

Really large BOM

This is the truely large print version of the Book of Mormon. Well bound and cheap, what more would you want?