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Extra Large Softcover Triple (4.63/5 stars from 46 reviews)

The triple combination includes the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price bound in one book. It contains cross-references to all the standard works, including the...


Easy to read


Large and easy to it!

Great buy!

This Triple Combination is a good investment if you need extra large lettering and lots of space for note taking/inserts in the margins. My sister teaches seminary and recommended them. It is not the easiest to carry around as it is rather large but other than that is definitely worth the money.

Great for Old Eyes

My husband was using a magnifying glass besides readers to read the Book of Mormon. He says he can read faster now. The large print, of course, results in a heavy book.

Great size, great price

This was an excellent option as a gift for my non-member friend with poor eyesight. Also, a good price for such a large book.

I like the big print.

I like the big print, but the size of the book, I don't like. It is too big to carry to church.

It is a joy to read

I have been having trouble focusing on the words when reading. The print was becoming increasingly difficult. Now with the large print, it is such a joy and relaxing to read. And I love how the page numbers match the regular size books. Thank you very much.

Just right for me

The large print is so much easier to read and understand.

Just what I have needed!

Finally, scriptures that are easy for me to use! Not too heavy, nice big print so it’s easy to read! My daughters family has been using this for year and I saw them just recently on a visit. They love theirs too!.
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Large font size triple

Large font size triple with the book of Mormon with the Doctrine and Covenants with Pearl of Great Price is perfect for my 81 year old Mom, who is investigating the Church!