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Triple Combination Scripture Tabs (4.57/5 stars from 14 reviews)

These gold foil scripture tabs are both inexpensive and easy to apply. Nicely packaged with detailed instructions.

They work good once they are on, but a little tricky to apply.

They are rather tiny, which I wasn't expecting, but they look great once on! I love that they are double sided too... the ones I received when I got my scriptures were single and incredibly annoying (though a very nice thought). Tabs make finding things easier while I'm intensely studying.

it's very easy to use and it makes trying to find a book in either The Book of Mormon or The Bible instead of having to search through the pages for what one is looking for.

The stickers work well for me. thanks


It makes looking up scriptures so much faster and convenient.

Gracefull and light

It's classic elegant, anf perfect.

Love my tabs!

I had received the Quad from a sister in my ward on my third visit to the services. Being new-new to LDS, I had no idea where to find anything in the Book of Mormon or D&C so was finding the readings after someone else had already read them, thus missing out (searching while he was reading so not hearing the Word or being able to read it). With these tabs, I can find any reading lickety-split and even did a reading in my D&C class . The tabs were easy to apply and even had a few practice tabs. This was a great purchase.

Love Them

I got two sets, one for my husband and one for myself. This is his first set of scriptures and he was having trouble finding the chapters With these tabs it is so convenient and easier for us.

Not impressed

The labels are small which means the print is small and very hard to read. I will use them until I can afford a new set with the tabs already cut in.
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I find that you save by buying the books this way, you don't have to buy or carry around three books