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Chain Spinner CTR Ring (4.65/5 stars from 31 reviews)

This awesome stainless steel ring has a chain that spins around a "Choose The Right" engraved band.

My son loves this ring! It's solid, and masculine, and the spinning chain is cool.

Melbourne, Australia

this ring is great and stylish at the same time. it is a perfect gift for well as being different to most rings. perfect gift.

It looked good and my missionary loved it. The engraving on the inside was amazing to! It was just what I wanted to get and give to him before he left!

a beautiful ring. the engraving was wonderfully done.

I love the look and quality

Got the ring and wore it the next day. It fits great and is comfortable on my finger. love it, love spinning it and i love how the engraving turned out on the inside.

My son loves it and says he will wear it all the time.

Excellent detail and just the right size.

Excellent detail and just the right size.

Its a Great ring but wasn't the way I want it was graven the way I wanted and wrong sized