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Children's Old Testament Scripture Stickers (5.00/5 stars from 4 reviews)

Contains 32 scripture stickers from your favorite children's stories in the Old Testament. Bring the scriptures to life with beautifully drawn read-through illustrations. It's the most...

Fun to do with my grandchildren. They love the pictures.

Bring the scriptures to life!

My 11-year-old daughter loved receiving these! She read through each passage before putting a sticker on, and feels like the stories have come to life!

Great idea!

This was a nice addition to your reading. You get several sheets of rectangular stickers that you can apply to your pages, verses are shown for each sticker so you can place them properly. They are super thin, so be careful they might rip, especially at first before you get the hang of being delicate, but know if they do rip, it really doesn't affect the way it looks on the page. I purchased the Old Testament set, and will buy the New Testament and Book of Mormon in the future. I love them!
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My daughter enjoyed adding these to her scriptures. She is excited to read more and find the pictures again.