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D&C Pearl of Great Price - Make Your Mark in the Scriptures (4.00/5 stars from 2 reviews)

A compelling doctrinal approach to the D&C and Pearl of Great Price with corresponding color markings of its doctrines and principles so they are ever present for study, review, or...
United States

I misunderstood the contents of this booklet. I thought it would be a copy of the Doctrine and Covenants, and The Pearl of Great Price. Actually, I was wrong. It seems to be a comprehensive study book about those two great works.

Did not receive

Doctrine and Covenants & Pearl of Great Price

Saints #1

And more

This wouldn't have been so bad, however this order was submitted before Christmas 2020. However the products I did receive were well made the reading material s were of good quality. I will purchase from LDSBookstore again.

I asked my friends about this. Apparently LDS BOOKS is working at 30% because of the Covid Pandemic.