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Flutter CTR Ring (4.43/5 stars from 7 reviews)

This durable stainless steel ring shows the letters CTR on the body of a butterfly with a cubic zirconium stone in the top right wing of the butterfly.

I bought two of these rings for my grand daughters' baptisms. I was a little disappointed in them for you can barely see the CTR. The ring certainly does not look like the picture where the CTR can be seen boldly. But my grand daughters both liked it. I have bought a number of rings from you in the past for my husband and other grandchildren and this is the first one that I was not completely satisfied.

My granddaughter’s loves the car flutter ring.

Christmas gift

Granddaughter is very excited and may actually wear this one and not loose it again . . .


Portland, OR

Flutter CTR Ring

I got this ring for my 8yr old daughter. It is very cute and elegant at the same time and she loved it. My only complaint is that you can hardly see the CTR. In the picture it looks black but on the ring itself it is simply engraven so it's really light and subtle. But she knows what it says so that's good! ;)

Nice ring

The metal is a little darker than I expected. But overall I love it!

Porque combinou amo borboletas e combinou com SUD.

Eu mesma.

She loved it

I got it for my childhood friend and she loved it so much. Thanks guys