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Book of Mormon Stories (4.75/5 stars from 16 reviews)

Contains colorfully illustrated stories from the Book of Mormon, written on a basic reading level.

I wanted this for my toddler to help him learn the stories. I have seen these before and got exactly what I was looking for. Good quality. The range of stories is great - it doesn't just hit the highlight or act as a "best of" series. Excited to have this book and to add to the collection down the road.

Beautiful book and a great price.

I bought this book because it reminds me of when i was little and we had family night. Papa would read us the children's stories and getting this fills me with the child faith. I love Heavenly Father so much...thank you for the comfort of precious memories!

3rd graders love graphic novels

When I told Helvi that she has a new graphic novel in the mail, she was super excited. She did point out there were no conversation bubbles, rendering it an unofficial graphic novel. (Oh, pardon me!!) It helps with teaching the Book of Mormon to my child, which I love.

book of Momon Stories for children

colorful pictures, formated for children with short stories

Book of mormon

I wanted to start having family scripture study with my 2 yr old. This book has multiple pictures per page and under each picture is a 2-3 sentence description. It works great for little ones because you can stop in the middle of a chapter and easily pick up where you left off.


book of mormon stories

absolutely great pictures and stories were both exceptional

Book of Mormon Stories

Perfect book for my Granddaughter Very happy :)

Book of Mormon Stories

Loved this item. Started reading it with my 18 month old granddaughter

Book of Mormon Stories

This book works very well with my lesson plan. The Primary class really like using it as part of the lessons. It saves looking through old copies of "The Friend" to find pictures to illustrate points.