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Come Unto Christ Temple Recommend Holder (5.00/5 stars from 16 reviews)

Why not keep your temple recommend in a holder with your favorite art or your favorite temple displayed on the front. Painting by Simon Dewey.
United States

Beautiful picture of Christ


Very nice recommend holder.

very very nice

This is a beautiful reminder.

Love it

Absolutely beautiful...

The temple recommend holder is as expected---It fits my current temple recommend, and the holder inspires to come unto Christ and be perfected...

Thank you so much,



Beautiful, convenient and so meaningful

Come to Christ♥️♥️♥️

love that picture come to christ. it is my favorite. ?? ??

Thank you!

Come unto Christ Recommend Holder

It's very beautiful with the picture of Christ calling to you, that's the way I would like to see him calling me. It fold nicely in my Temple bag, I love it.

I would buy again

I read the reviews and wanted to order one for sample before I buy bulk for our ward. Sample arrived and honestly the quality turns out better than I expected. It feels smooth and durable even through it flips open and close, I personally think it’ll be no problem. Inserted my recommend with ease. I showed it to our Bishop and he likes it. Bulk order it is.