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Children's Songbook (5.00/5 stars from 8 reviews)

This is the official songbook for Primary. It is suitable for Church and home use. It includes color illustrations, scripture references, indexes, and a section on using the songbook.

Great customer service. My order even arrived early!

Children's Songbook - Love It

Nice quality hardcover, and spiral bound so it stays open.

Children’s songbook

It is wonderful to have the ability to remember and teach. Learning these songs/hymns is a comfort. Thanks for having it sent to me so quickly.

Children's song book

Great for learning primary songs on the piano and great for beginners

Children's Songbook

I love using this book as part of my primary lessons. It's easy to make copies for my kids, so they can sing along.

Covers all the bases

This book is great for piano playing as well as for singing out of. it has complicated and easy music, reverent and fun. Great for beginner to intermediate piano players.

Love Primary Songs

Who doesn't love the primary songs? No matter your age, you can always find yourself singing them. The book is great for piano players and people to sing around you. I love it!


It's the large, hard copy primary book of songs that you've always wanted! Perfect for piano playing. Spiral bound and easy to turn pages.