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Silicone CTR Rings - Small (4.62/5 stars from 21 reviews)

These silicone CTR rings are perfect for Primary children. Available in a variety of colors, these are a great alternative to the traditional adjustable CTR ring. Rings are sold individually. ...

I wish there had been a size chart with the description! I purchased both the small and medium, because I was uncertain on sizing. The small fits me, ring size 4.5, and is big on my 8 year old, but she can wear it on a middle finger. They're definitely not children friendly sizes. The medium is big on me, but will work on a bigger finger. I like how they glow, and they're easy to read. However, they also felt unfinished. I actually had to trim little lumps of excess material off the edges. For the price, they work. They're better than the adjustable metal ones that turn your skin green, but were a bit disappointing


Sent in greeting cards. The kids love them


Sent in greeting cards. The kids love them


Sent in greeting cards. The kids love them

CTR Ring

I lost mine when visiting family in Florida and I felt so empty without it. I wasn't too sure what my size was so I brought a small (which fits GREAT) and a medium, which is a little too big, but it will be a good gift for someone.

CTR silicone glow-in-the-dark rings

I gave these to the 4-year-olds that are new to the CTR primary class. They all loved the rings! The price is good and the rings are soft and easy for the children to wear.

CTR Silicone ring

I love the look of these rings. I chose blue because of the glow in the dark feature and figured my CTR 4 class would like that. The rings shipped quickly. My daughter was so excited to get her ring, I opened them right away. Sadly, the ring is way too big for her. I ordered the small size recommended for 4& up. My daughter is 5. I'm 35 years old and the rings fit on my ring finger. I will still pass them out because I think the kids will be excited for the ring and like that it glows. I just wish the small size was actually for smaller children like the package described.

Cute but small

This was just an add on. it is cute but doesn't fit my 8 year old well as all.

Great for primary children

These were perfect gifts for my primary class when they got baptized! They are a little stretchy, so they fit most little fingers! The kids also love that they glow in the dark.

Great ring

We bought this for our son to wear during baseball and basketball games when he can’t wear his metal CTR ring. He actually has started wearing it all the time because it is more comfortable and doesn’t slide off like his metal ring does. Also his teammates ask about it so he gets to talk about recently being baptized.