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Silver Aluminum Oil Vial (4.48/5 stars from 27 reviews)

Now you never have to be caught unprepared. You can be ready with our latest line of attractive vials for your consecrated oil .So you will always be ready to administer in a time of need with this...

Very good product.

It's much bulkier than other vials, and I wouldn't have ordered it if I knew there was a smaller vial inside and that the aluminum vial is really just a case.


It looks great it is a gift so haven't used it yet

Just what I was looking for.

Great product for the price.

...a great product...

...a must have for all priesthood holders...

Aluminum Oil Vial

It will be fine. I do not like the vial within a vial feature, but I understand that it is cleaner.

Beautiful Vial

I ordered and received two vials and I'm so glad I did order two. They are beautiful, useful, don't leak and attach to my keychain nicely. They are the lower end of the spectrum as per the price point but will work and look as good as any other in my opinion. Thank you.
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Engraved Oil Vial

Just got it before Valentine's day as a present for my husband and he loved it! The engraving and the quality of of the vial is unique. It's a work of art! Thanks!