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CTR Double Heart Necklace (4.78/5 stars from 9 reviews)

This necklace has two heart medallions. The first small medallion heart displays the phrase "CTR" and the second medallion heart displays the phrase "Choose the Right." 18 inch...

I bought this as a part of a Christmas gift.

very pretty

CTR Double Heart Necklace

Great baptism gift. Item appeared well made.


Beautiful, love it!!!!!

Daughter's Gift

My mother ordered this cute double heart necklace for me in October 2012, and I was 17 at that time. I really loved wearing it because it was unique and I let my little 10 year old sister have it-a mother's daughter's gift for her. Carefully worn, it is still in good condition. :)

Gift for baptism

Lovely necklace. It will be an appropriate Baptism gift for a precious little girl.



These necklaces are really nice, they are small, but worked great for the girls in my primary class


Nice but...

My mother and I bought this for my 15-year-old daughter for her baptism this past December. Unfortunately, it is already rusty and tarnished. We've tried to clean it, but to no avail. We're considering replacing it, but have mixed feelings. She loves the piece very much, but she is sad that it is not the one she got on her special day.

So pretty

This is a perfect necklace for any girl wanting a CYR necklace. Very pretty.