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Indestructible Oil Vial (4.68/5 stars from 19 reviews)

This exclusive, the Indestructible Oil Vial. An oil vial that won't leak or break, it'll last for years to come. An improved classic design is our most durable oil vial yet, made...

I had several oil vails before. All of them of aluminum. They where small, light, and it was allways difficult to get the oil out of them for a blessing. So this time I bought a bigger one. Yes, it's much more heavy than the other ones. But the opening is much wider, so now it's easy to get the drop of oil out there for a blessing. The only negatv point is that neither the opening nor the closure are deburred and therefor are a bit sharp.

Looks very nice. I am pleased.

This is a well made item. It is called indestructible and I agree. The exterior is smooth and shiny, free of flaws. The inside is also will machined with nice threads and the o’ring makes a good seal on the lid. The only reason I didn’t give five stars is there is quite a bit of material that didn’t get machined out of the bottom of the vial making it a little heavier and it reduces the amount of liquid that can be stored. Overall I’m happy with my purchase though.

Almost perfect

The triangular clasp that latches into the lid is easily bent when screwing it closed.


Well built and nice looking. Exactly what I was looking for.

Beautiful & Convenient

Taking in modern consideration, this oil vial is beautiful, small, well crafted and convenient. It is a wonderful thing to be able to use for all blessings.


This is a beautiful vial and the lettering was perfect. I just love it and it is going to be a great gift on Christmas.

Great item

It is well made. It looks attractive and not showy. Perfect for its use.

Great product, excellent service!

The consecrated oil vial came quicker than I anticipated and in time for the recipient's high school graduation. He hopes to be a missionary soon and loved this gift. Thank you for such quick service.

Indestructible Oil Vial

Great vial for my consecrated oil. Super solid and has some nice weight to it. Also, the opening is wide enough that I can easily pour in oil.