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Relief Society Bookmark (4.65/5 stars from 17 reviews)

Our Relief Society Declaration Bookmark is the perfect reminder of Emma Smith's prophecy that the women of the Relief Society were going to "do something extraordinary." With a fresh, floral design,...

The print is too light. I bought them to give as birthday presents and I have a hard time reading them. The elderly women will not be able to read them.

The color and pictorial was beautiful. However like someone else wrote; the print is to light and would make it hard for those with poor reading would have a hard time reading it.

Moreno Valley


I love the bookmarks I bought.


Great product! I love it!

Bookmarks for Relief Society

I loved these book marks. They are bright and cheerful. I used them as gifts for Relief Society sisters, who truly appreciated them. This was a simple way to let my sisters know that I was thinking of them.

Good Quality

Nice and well made.

It's the perfect gift from visiting teachers.

What a nice gift to give to those you visit teach or to keep for yourself.

Just barely ok

It was had Visiting Teaching Info on it....probably why it was on sale, but it still wasn't cheap! I paid .99 and I bought I think 24 for my RS Lesson...But Whatever...Just will be more careful next time!

Relief Society Book Mark

Very nice item to use as a small thank you or welcome gift.

Relief Society Bookmark

It is perfect. I great gift to slip into a card. I wish I would have gotten more.