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Printable LDS Christmas Gift Tags - Winter (4.94/5 stars from 16 reviews)

Make the gift-giving season a little easier with this exclusive set of LDS Christmas gift tags. You'll be able to print them straight to your computer and print off as many as you need. Print them...


Beautiful tags

These Christmas gift tags are downloadable as a PDF file, and are beautiful. They're also easy to print and use.

Christmas Gift Tags

The tags printed out without any problems and they look great on the presents


These tags were a fun way to mark packages and also bring attention for the reason for the season

gift tags

These are so convenient and so beautiful. I loved them!

Gift Tags

They are pretty and don't use much ink. The free price is even better!

Gift tags.

This was perfect because I was snowed in (I live in rural Montana) and I did not have to worry about getting to the store. Thank you.

great fun

they add that something to our gifts

In Color!

These are lovely tags! I thought I would have to chalk in some color. but they printed In Color! YAY!!! I printed them on cardstock, and am SO GLAD to have them! Great product, and it's FREE!

Love them

strikingly beautiful,