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Captain Moroni Tie Tack (4.96/5 stars from 23 reviews)

One of our bestsellers, the Captain Moroni Tie Tack is a powerful reminder for priesthood holders everywhere. It is made of a metal allow and features an antique silver finish. It is approximately...

Awesome Captain Moroni Pin

I ordered this for my missionary son and he loved it!

Capt Moroni pin

The size is nice, and we like the finish. bar is longer than many of LDS Bookstore pins and tie tacks

Captain Moroni tie tac

I love giving this pin to a boy being baptized or an older boy. Captain Moroni is a wonderful hero and example!!

Captain Moroni Tie Tac

I love giving this tie tac to our boys who finished their Faith in God. Captain Moroni is a figure of faith and what we can accomplish when we use that faith. I hope it encourages the boys to aspire to be like Captain Moroni.

Captain Moroni Tie Tack

Very nice, however the pin on the back is short making it hard to go through the two layers of the tie and not long enough to attach to the shirt. So a chain on the back would also be nice.

captain moroni tie tack

magic great addition to ties

Captain Moroni tie tacks

Very happy with the tie tac. Purchased them for my boys and they were extremely happy with them as snow well. Will purchase again as well as other items in the future.


This is a great Christmas remembrance gift for friends at Church.

Cute pin

Would be great on a tie or on a suit. Good Father's Day gift!

Cute tie tacs!

We used them for birthday gifts for the Primary boys in our ward (the girls got necklaces)! So cute!