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Moroni Tie Tack w/ Pearl (4.57/5 stars from 14 reviews)


Timely delivery looks great

I find the Moroni tie pin is a perfect pick for a Baptismal gift

Absolutely beautiful pin

I have been ordering these Moroni w/pearl pins as gifts for our local missionary's for years and they are absolutely beautiful. They make wonderful Christmas gifts!

An Aaronic Priesthood holder's birthday

My oldest grandson is turning 14 in January, so the age old question is what do I get him for his birthday. I decided as he would be advancing to a Priest, an angel Moroni tie tac would be a good present. Less than two years after that his twin younger brothers will receive the same tie tacs because it makes a nice memento of their advancement in the Aaronic Priesthood. On their 12th birthday, my grandsons receive a special Book of Mormon from me that I have made notes in especially for each of them. My oldest grandson received a Bible that I had made notes in just for him. So I hope these special 12th and 14th birthday gifts will mean something special coming from their grandma.

Doesn't stay vertical

This needs something on the back side of the pearl base to keep the statue from getting tilted.


I just like the way it looks

Moroni lappin

I was very pleased with the over all appearance and size. I then ordered 12 more as Christmas gifts for the men in our small branch

Moroni Pin

...awesome product, makes a great gift.

Moroni pin tack

Great item great finish and great price

Moroni Tie Pin

Delivery took longer than expected, however, it is the Christmas season. The pin is smaller than I anticipated and the detail is not as precise. However, for the price, it makes a good inexpensive gift.