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Father's Day Coloring Card - A Family Needs a Father - Printable (5.00/5 stars from 9 reviews)

This free LDS Father's Day Card is perfect for celebrating all dads! It features this wonderful quote from L. Tom Perry: "A family needs a father to anchor it." This card was designed to be colored...

It was so convenient to have a card to print for my primary children to color.

I love how cute the card is and had even more fun coloring it with my daughter to send to her dad for fathers day

Father’s Day card

This was a wonderful card plus it happens to have an anchor. Since my husband is former navy it was all the more appropriate. He loved it!

Father’s Day card!

This was so awesome to print and be done!

Father's Day card

My foster son colored this card for his grandfather. We then enclosed a black and whit picture of him to give. This card made his gift even more personal. Thank you for the free card!

Father's Day Card

It was cute and so easy to print. I also like the effort being made so that life is easier for me.

Fathers Day coloring card

A special saying for fathers.


Thank you for the LDS Father's Day Printable. It was truly a lifesaver for our Primary children on Father's Day.

Printable Father's Day Card

Loved it! Did not have to search the web and LDS Bookstore was quick and simple offering free digital prints and more. They offer periodic free activities print outs that come I handy, including conference activity books. Thank you!