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Salt Lake City Temple Desk Lamp (5.00/5 stars from 4 reviews)

Add a little light into your life with a new Illuminated Desk Light! This one features the Salt Lake City Utah Temple. Each design insert made of durable acrylic engraved by our experts. Exclusive...

My Sister and brother in law love it!!

I’m getting one for my family my kids are asking for one!! After seeing the one we got for my sister!

10 Star rating!! No words can describe the amazing effect of this light!

Wow - where do I begin? You know that feeling and experience you have when you see a Temple all lit up in the darkness of the night? THIS FEELING! I can feel that in my bedroom when this is on (and on white) and I LOVE it! I LOVE the brightness control; the highest setting will light up a whole bedroom much better than most lamps and the lowest setting doesn't strain my super sensitive eyes. And even more amazing was the unexpected effect this light has on non-member family and friends!!! Even they are attracted to it with interest and enjoyment in its beautiful and inspiring glow! Even better is that I needed a small lamp on my night stand and for reasons I won't go into I can't put any pictures on the walls that aren't already up (I have some pictures of Jesus). THIS WAS AN ANSWERED PRAYER to have a display and reminder of Temples in my room. I can't say enough praise for this product. Definitely highly recommended! (oh and the set up was beyond easy > either plug in the one chord to the base and the outlet cube and then into the outlet or put in batteries, place the Temple in the base's slot and pull the plastic tab from the remote and set whatever color and brightness you want and turn off or on.)


This night light is beautiful! Stunning! Whenever it is plugged in and glowing (we prefer the white light), the inspiration and the Spirit that is felt is beyond words. It’s a must have during this time when regular temple attendance is not possible. The quality of the product is top of the line. Looking forward to ordering additional inspirational plaques to use with this light.

We love it!!

I already wrote a review a while ago. But I just had to let you know “LDS Book Store “ The blessings this Temple brings to my home!

No be able to go to the Temple, because of the pandemic, covid19. It brings peace to my heart and a smile to my face when I turn the Temple lights on every morning. I already gave some as gifts and I’m planning on buying lots more to give as gifts!

Now with Christmas near we turn the Temple on with green light setting. It’s such a blessing to have this Temple in my home. Reminding me every day that:

“ The light of Christ shines brighter every day specially in this difficult time we are going though.
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