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Framed Church Proclamations Pack - Barnwood (5.00/5 stars from 4 reviews)

Save when you purchase all three of our popular framed Church proclamation art prints. Each pack includes a beautifully mounted and framed: The Family: A Proclamation to the WorldThe Living...

Purchased the three framed proclamations plus the most recent proclamation. The framing is great and the proclamations look very good within the frames. Very happy with my purchase.


This company does great work. Love my proclamations

Framed Church Proclamation Packs

I loved these and also ordered the Restoration proclamation to go with them. I ordered the barn wood and I am very pleased.

Great addition to our home decor.

The Proclamation, The Living Christ and the Article of Faith are beautifully presented in these framed documents. It just so happens that the barnwood frames almost perfectly match the cabinet that is on the same wall where we are putting the three documents. We love the fonts used in the printing of these three very important douments that communicate so much about what we know to be the ture Church on the earth.