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Plan of Salvation Teaching Kit (4.93/5 stars from 30 reviews)

For years, Latter-day Saint missionaries have created small symbols with paper and tape to help teach the Plan of Salvation. Upgrade to our exclusive Plan of Salvation Teaching Kit. Made of wood and...

Great little set, just as pictured. I really like it. I was curious about the size before buying, and I think this is just right for a small group setting. I included a picture with a quarter for reference.
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Perfect for teaching the plan of salvation

Would have liked it to be a little bigger. But I think it is a good teaching tool.

Beautiful hands-on teaching tool

Love this little set. Drawings and videos are great teaching tools, but my kids are learning SO much more from interacting with these pieces and the sequence of everything. The outlines for the little figures seem fragile so I do remind them to be careful with those, as it can be a little hard to tell which side the figures fit. (Both sides seem the same, but the figures only fit in one side, so little hands trying to force it worry me sometimes). Still 5 stars and would definitely recommend. So glad you sell this!
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Best kit there is. Very useful...larger than I thought

I had my eye on this for at least a year and finally bought it. I love it! I love how this set has children of God to display/teach very directly and personally how the Plan of Happiness applies to the person you're teaching; this is the only set I've found between multiple sights that shows a distinction between our bodies and our spirits for the process of this plan to really come to life. I did, though, think the size of the carrying case would be half what it is. There's probably a dimension description somewhere but honestly I'm not going to take the few extra minutes to find that information, and if it's there to then recall in my mind how big that is. It would be nice to have a picture included in the selling of the item where there's a size orientation like a coin or a hand.

Best one out there

My missionary son asked for a plan of salvation teaching tool. After hunting extensively, I found this one which is the best one out there. Not only are the steps illustrated, it includes figures that can demonstrate the spirit and physical bodies in separate and joined states, concepts that can be hard for investigators to understand. This can really help them grasp the concepts they are learning.

Fantastic design to teach an important concept.

We and our young kids love this teaching tool. The sturdy design ensures we can use this for years. After teaching the plan of salvation a couple of times, our kids now want to teach the lesson on this topic using the kit. We highly recommend it to anyone who regularly teaches kids at home, in church, or in the missionary field.

Good quality Plan of Salvation

This is for my grandson to use in the mission field. I appreciate that it is sturdy and has very nice details. Thank you!

Great Missionary Teaching Tool

My daughter is serving an English-speaking mission, and she loves using these to teach the Plan of Salvation.

Great Product!!!

I have been able use this product to teach my Family members the plan of salvation!

I can’t wait to show it to more people!:)
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