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Happy Father's Day Coloring Page - Printable (5.00/5 stars from 12 reviews)

Say thanks to the dad in your life with this coloring page. It features a simple "Happy Father's Day" design with fun elements. Everyone will love coloring on this 8.5 x 11 printout, but...

My daughter loved being able to color this picture to send to her dad that is away at bootcamp

Father’s Day cards

This was perfect for Primary, an activity fit for all ages. My grandchildren enjoyed it to—especially the smiles they made!

Fathers Day

It came in handy to give the Nursery children on Fathers Day.

fathers day coloring page

Thank you so much! Using this for activity day !

Father's Day coloring page

Thank you for providing something simple and applicable to all. I needed something quick and easy for our primary, and you had it. Thank you.

Happy Father's Day Coloring Page-Printable

I absolutely loved this coloring page, and more importantly so did my husband on his special day!

Happy Father’s Day

My students in primary enjoyed coloring them.

Happy Father’s Day

I like this card because it has a variety of Father’s hobbies & especially The Book of Mormon.

Happy Father's Day

The pictures were wonderful. They looked great. Glad I found it


Loved the picture!